Photographs are the little windows through which I engage with the world around me be it a face, a place or a thing.

I stumbled into photography by what felt like chance. In highschool it was my mother who wanted a new camera, not me. But I soon discovered this oddly complex system would mold not only my career, but the whole way I engage with reality. My mother herself was an amateur photographer growing up, but had long since abandoned it so seeing my enthusiasm and willingness to steal it away from her prompted a never ending flow of support without which I would not be here today.

The camera encouraged waves of discovery personally, academically and professionally. Within the first year it had quickly become an extension of me. My experiences ranged across a broad spectrum of disciplines with many formative ups and downs. While photography’s societal and psychological aspects inspired my studies at Quest University Canada, my love for its technical sides led me to shoot commercial and editorial work. It was almost inevitable that I would at some point try to combine my studies and my work. I did so by attending the Royal Academy of Art where I learned absolutely nothing new other than the fact that this field is incredibly subjective.

The previous eight years of self guided study have been enough for me to know that there is no one winning formula to creating good work. I apply this thinking to every shoot whether it’s my own or a client’s vision. Adaptability is key, but also knowing what makes me happy and proud in the end is even more important.

Let’s make something we’re proud of.

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